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    iLoveUrPet is a business, and we do make a profit from your purchase. But caring for animals is much more than our business. We are committed to giving back to the community that we love.

    What we do

    Each month, iLoveUrPet makes a minimum $100 contribution to Pet Related causes.

    Our donations focus mainly on individual cases that desperately need help, iuncluding individual GoFundme Campaigns with the goal of helping a 4 leg friend to survive, helping to cover medical expenses, or making a loved pet's life a little better.

    Why we do it:

    We can't stand to see these little pets suffer, and feel powerless. We know that $100 may not seem much, but in some cases it means a lot.

    These pet owners are looking for help and we want our community to step up and make a difference.

    Wish you could help more?

    Your iLoveUrPet purchase already helps, but if you want to do more here are some things you can do:

    • Go to GoFundme and search for pet related causes. Read their stories and connect with them. Make a personal contribution if you can.
    • If you can't help financially, then share the link to the cause on your social media accounts. There are hundred of people within your reach, just with the click of a button
    • Email us at info.iloveurpet@gmail.com and let us know about causes we should be aware of, and possibly help.