Processing Time

What is it?

How long it takes?

Can I speed up the processing time?

After processing has my order been shipped?

Shipping times

Do you ship worldwide?

How long does shipping take?

How much does shipping cost?

Ordering multiple items

If I order multiple items would they come together?

Tracking my order

How Can I track my Order?

My tracking information is empty or it says "TRACKING DOES NOT EXIST"

My order says "Delivered" but I haven't received my items

Order lost

It's been many days and my order has not been delivered

Refunds and Returns


What is your Return Policy?

How do I request a refund?

When would I receive my refund?


Do I have to pay for shipping when returning an order or an item?

Where should I shipped the item back to?

Changing an order

I made a mistake can I change my order?

PayPal Orders

I haven't received my order, should I open a claim with PayPal?

Can I pay with PayPal?